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College Ramen Recipes

College Ramen is one of college kid’s best survival tools. College students make up a population of their own. They maintain full schedules, hard work, parties and limited funds. They have developed a way to survive such activities, cooking ramen in the dorm. Ramen noodles for college students have become a culture of its own.

What is the attraction; Ramen Noodles are a cheap college food. The three selling points for the noodles are; they are cheap, they taste good and simple to make.

College Recipe List:

  1. Breakfast Burrito w/a Kick
  2. Breakfast Ramen
  3. Cheesy Chili Ramen
  4. Elixir of Immortality (Bacon Ramen)
  5. Jail Break Ramen
  6. Mac n’ Cheese Ramen
  7. Parmesan Ramen
  8. Peanut Butter Munchies
  9. Pizza Ramen
  10. Ramen Alfredo
  11. Ramen Noodle Alfredo
  12. Ramen Pizza Dish
  13. Spicy Thai Peanut Ramen
  14. Tangy Lemon & Lime Ramen
  15. Tomato Ramen Soup
  16. Ultimate College Ramen Pizza
  17. Veggie Ramen

College kids may not realize it but Ramen Noodles are of Chinese origin, but in later years the Japanese made the noodles famous. The Japanese oiled-fried the noodles in a brick-like form, packaged them with a variety of flavor packets and marketed them at a very low cost. Many Japanese and Korean restaurants make the noodles air-dried rather than oil-fried and offer more exquisite, ethnic flavors such as Sapporo or Hakata. Some are offered in the traditional packaging but cost more, so college kids tend to stick with the more traditional style and flavors.

Many college students admit they survive on Ramen Noodles. The noodles often come in bulk, packets featuring the noodle brick and the newer styrofoam bowls of noodles.

Preparing the noodles is simple, boil the noodles in a pot on the stove, in a bowl in the microwave or simply boil the noodles bowls for approximately three minutes. Add your flavor packet, stir and you have soup. Popular flavors are beef, pork, chicken, and shrimp; everyone has their favorite. This is the basic way to make Ramen Noodles.

Now for the good stuff- students have cleverly come up with many ways to vary noodles preparation. After boiling the noodles, drain water, add a little butter and flavor, your have noodles, not soup. That is just a small change.

Now let’s talk about other methods for cooking Ramen. One of the most unusual ways of preparation I found is to take the noodle packet, crush, smash the noodles open, add flavor packet and eat as chips. They are easily put in backpack for a classroom snack.

Others choose not to use the included flavor packs but to make their own recipes using the noodles. Add some broccoli, cauliflower other vegetable choices toss with soy sauce and you have stir fry. The possibilities are infinite; add seafood, Tabasco, cheese or tofu.

Dorm Ramen is so popular not only because it is a cheap college food but also for it’s possibilities. A little research and there are literally hundreds of Ramen Noodle recipes that add a twist to the basic preparation, but still remain affordable. It is hard to imagine but Ramen is used to prepare breakfast meals, pictures actually looked tasty. Noodles are the start for a great meal, vegetarian or for the meat or seafood lover. Ramen snacks, and quick appetizer fixes. Probably the most outrageous yet popular is the collection of dessert recipes using Ramen Noodles.

College kids have taken a cheap, easy fix and expanded its possiblities while still keeping it a part of their fixed budgets. One website named Ramen Noodles as the 27th thing college kids like. Ramen Noodles has a Facebook page. Way to go students!

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