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Ramen around the World

Ramen Noodles aren’t just for starving college students, they are vastly popular throughout the world.  Below is a compilation of the various types and brands of Ramen available by country:


Sapporo Ichiban

One of Argentina’s top selling Ramen Noodles are Sapporo Ichinban and Maruchan, originated from Japan it quickly spread with its rich broth and abundant variety!

These tasty soups are sure to fill you up with its flavor packed taste and hearty noodles! Sapporo comes in Oriinal, Miso, Chicken, Beef and Shrimp and Maruchan come in Beef, Chicken, Shrimp, Lime Shrimp, Lime Chili Shrimp and a new soup or those that require a low sodium diet.

Both of these brands also offer the convenient cup of soup options for those who like to take lunch on the go! If you have time to cook these at home they only take between 2-5 minutes in boiling water, you can add to the flavor by frying up an egg and topping your noodles or you can add veggies, other meats or just keep it plain and simple, either way these two soups are sure to satisfy your crave for a warm, flavor packed hearty meal!


Australian noodles became a fast and appetizing street food. Indomie Noodles, Maggi Noodles, Fantastic Noodles are the most popular brands in the country.
Maggi noodles are widely spread and admired brand of instant noodles in Australia. These are not limited to

Maggi Noodles

only Australia, due to high advertisement and campaign; these became the highest selling brand in all over the world. Maggi noodles are available both dried type and precooked type. Both types are instant only need some minutes to serve.
Indomie noodles became the most admired latest brand. After Maggi Noodles,Indomie Noodles take over the market with flavor and texture.
Fantastic Noodles is the most admired brand among cup noodles. It contains a cup of dehydrated noodles needs only three minutes to serve. You need only to immerse in hot water before serve.
These are available in restaurants with home delivery options. These can be prepared in home as snacks, breakfast or super dishes.


Although instant noodles aren’t very popular in Belgium, they can be found. The most widely distributed brand is “Aiki Noodles”, however, sales on these are generally quite low compared with other countries and cultures. Throughout the country Authentic Japanese as well as Thai instant noodles can be found in limited quantities in stores specializing in Asian foods and products.



Ramen noodles are instant packs of precooked noodles that are ready to eat.They require less preparation time making them fit for people working under tight schedules. They are nutritious meals that are branded to fit various customer tastes. They come along with several brands depending with the manufacturers.

In Brazil, the main instant noodles manufacturer is Miojo also called lamen noodles. There are other companies like maggi and nestle that produces this wholesome and fast moving food product. The main common flavors are creamy sauce and pepper taste. They are beautifully packaged in hygienic packs and they are available in most shops.

Miojo noodles are easy to cook since little or no preparation is needed. Some people prefer to cook them by soaking them in boiling water in less than five minutes. Majority likes taking them in pasta form by draining excess water. For the precooked noodles, one can take them without any further preparation or simply reheat them. Miojo noodles are so delicious and a choice for many regardless of their gender or age.


There are so many brands of instant noodles that are offered in many countries. Canada is one of the countries that has the most delicious kinds of instant noodles.

Nissin Brand Noodles

Nissin foods is one brand that is popular in Canada. It offers a wide variety of flavors like beef, chicken, shrimp, chicken vegetable, and many more. There are also cup noodles that are available. Most people love the taste of Nissin because it offers an excellent taste. During 1958, Nissin was commonly called “chicken ramen”.

It is not only Nissin that is popular in Canada. There are other brands that have gained popularity and love from the people. Some of these brands are Sapporo Ichiban, Mr. Noodles, Nong Shim, and Knorr. Sapporo Ichiban was made by Sanyo Foods while Mr. Noodles was manufactured by Beltek foods. Nong shim offers bowl, cup, packs, and famous shin cup noodles. Knorr Instant noodles is the last in line but never the least one. It is not only popular in Canada but all over the world.


China is generally known as the largest producer and consumer of instant noodles as a staple diet.The principal varieties of instant noodles available in China are Ting Yi(Master Kong),Hwa-Long(Chinese Dragon) and Bai-xiang(White Elephant),are sun-dried and/or precooked noodles in packets or bowls,which can be eaten raw or cooked as desired.

Ting Yi are available in both veg and non-veg varieties with 84 different delicious and nutritious flavours.Some of the new launched varieties are fish Casserole in Broth, marked spiced chicken,bamboo shoots, pork,pepper sauce ribs etc.A packet of Ting Yi instant noodles contains liquid base,veggies and seasoning powder with it.

Another,varieties of most popular instant noodles is Hwa-Long which can are either available in both veg and non veg flavours.Some of the most edible varieties are Sauteed Pork ,Stew beef and Korean style coreen flavour.Similarly, Bai-xiang can also be bought in both veg and non-veg varieties.Lastly,instant noodles are healthy in their own way and serves as the quickest and easiest meals on the run.


There several brands of instant noodle Denmark. What is clear is that in Denmark, Wai Wai, Yum Yum and

Mama Tom Yum Noodles

Mama are brands that have continued to dominate the instant noodle market over the years. Many consumers in Denmark have continually chosen to take these products since they there is choice and variety and also because of the fact that instant noodles in many supermarkets are westernized and are packed in foam containers with costs that are over 5 kroner.
For this reason, specialty and ethnic shops provide the best alternative that is both popular and offers affordable instant noodles. Yum Yum offers are almost universal and their prices range between 3-4 kroner, 3 catering for 10. The Yum Yum brand has grown to be a remarkable generic brand name that has witnessed popularity among residents.
Mama, although carrying a smaller market share, is the second most popular Eastern instant noodle brand. It is from Thailand. Wai Wai, which is made in Nepal, goes a long way to provide selection avenues and choice.


In Egypt, the primary and most popular brand of instant noodles is Indomie which is affordable. And it is very much available in almost all dry goods store or shop in the country.

Indomie Instant Noodles

Indomie has various variants and Indomie Mi Goreng is the most known variant of this brand of instant noodle. And these noodles variants are Halal or that means this product is permissible in their market. Some other known Indomie instant noodle variants are Spicy, Soto Flavor, Chicken and Chicken Broth flavor. And for traditional Indonesian cuisine variants there are North Sumatra, South Sulawesi, South Sumatra, North Sulawesi and South Kalimantan. There are also several variants available for its version of cup noodles and it is called Pop Me or an Indomie cup. Pop Me variants includes Chicken Soto Flavor, Chicken Curry Flavor, Special Flavor, Onion Chicken Flavor, Special Meatball Flavor, Special Chicken Flavor, Meatball Flavor and Spicy Flavor.


There are many brands of noodles in the world market today. You can never go wrong with Indomie because it is has several flavors that will address any client noodle needs. In Ethiopia, Indomie has penetrated the market to provide the best noodles that the market has to offer.
The popularity associated with Indomie in Ethiopia comes from the fact that this instant noodle has various flavors that have actively provided the customers with the much needed choice. This has made the Ethiopian market for noodles lean on Indomie for remarkable provision of a good noodle brand. Another aspect of Indomie in Ethiopia is that it is cheap and can therefore is affordable for many people regardless of their social class.
The Indomie brand in Ethiopia is also called Lehulum Tesmami which means Suitable for All in Amharic language.The Ethiopian Indomie brand is solely distributed by YSO and Sons General Trading PLC which has been mandated to actively channel this amazing instant noodle product.

Finland, Yum Yum, Mama, Koka

In Finland, instant noodles is like an obsession for almost everyone. This is including kids, youths, adults, and old folks. Instant noodles usually come in packets with flavors and oils and you can find it in supermarkets and stores everywhere. People are fan of noodles because of its easy to cook and great taste.


While taste is concerned, Yum Yum, Mama, and Koka are the best brands in Finland. These are the products of a company called Ramen.
Yum Yum noodles cost about half a Euro and Mama also cost the whereas Koka comes in a little higher price. Mama has about thirty flavors for you to enjoy and Yum Yum has mostly Asian flavors. Koka comes in a larger portion and is non-fried. There is no trans fat in Koka, no preservatives and comes in about one Euro. All these instant noodles are available both in packets and cups. It is all made easy for you and only you to enjoy instant noodles in Finland.

Germany, Yum Yum, Nissin Cup Noodles, Maggi

There are many delicacies that surround the way Germans consume instant noodles and dishes. It all started way back to the 19th century with inventions of Maggi products or Justus von Liebig. In Germany, Yum Yum, Nissin Cup Noodles, Maggi and several other noodle brands have been on the fore front as far variety and tasty instant noodles is concerned. The origin of noodles began to take serious market share in the 1990s and have advanced in their popularity since then.
There generally exists two kinds of ramen in Germany namely: Instant- Nudeln which is German for instant noodles and come with flavors like chicken beef, vegetable and button mushroom. The second kind is known as Ramen with very similar taste characteristics as the traditional ramen which is well known in Asia.
The German Ramen was considered an ethnic delicacy and was only available in specialty stores. In the mid-1990s, it took the market by storm and is now available in German supermarkets . Nissi Cup Noodles, Yum Yum and Maggi carry the most popularity in the German instant noodle market.

Hong Kong

Instant noodles are quite famous in Hong Kong and there are different varieties of instant noodles available in Hong Kong and a couple of them are extremely popular among the local population. One of the famous instant noodles in this region is Yi Mein instant noodles which is an egg noodle, flat is shape and is of Cantonese origin. The great thing about these noodles is that you can stir-fry them or boil and use them in salads or even in soups.

Shim Ramyun

Doll noodles, manufactured by Winner Foods is also quite popular in Hong Kong and comes I Chicken flavor, Pickled Vegetable flavor and in Sesame Oil flavor. Shim Ramyun instant noodles manufactured by Korean company Nong Shim Ltd is another instant noodle that is famous in Hong Kong. A packet of this instant noodle contains seasoning and dehydrated vegetables apart from the noodles themselves. Demae Itcho is another instant noodle, manufactured by Nissin foods, which is quite famous in Hong Kong and has been in business here since 1970.

India Pakistan Bangladesh

In India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, it is the Maggi noodles that are much ahead of any other brand. These are manufactured by Nestle and are marketed as fast to cook and good to eat food. They have been around in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh for over 25 years. These are available in many flavors like chicken, tomato and capsicum but it is masala flavor that remains as the most popular.
The next brand in the noodle market is Top Ramen. Their most popular flavor is Curry Smoodles. Other flavors include tomato, chicken besides others. These are marketed as smoodles and not noodles.
The Tai Pai noodles are another brand that is popular in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. These are available in both veg and non-veg category.
Even cup noodles are gaining popularity, especially for people on the move. As these fast food noodles are considered as unhealthy, hence Maggi has introduced Atta noodles with real vegetables inside


The instant noodle is one of the most common foods in Indonesia and the Indofood Sukses Makmur is the largest producer of instant noodles in Indonesia. The instant noodle market of Indonesia has been dominated by Indofood for a long time and even today, after the introduction of other instant noodle companies, Indofood still manages to dominate the instant noodles market in Indonesia. Initially, this company started the Supermi Instant Noodle early in the 1970′s and has been one of the most popular instant noodle since its launch.

After the huge success of Supermi, Indofood started two more instant noodles known as Sarimi and Indomie. All these different types of noodles produced by Indofood have spicy flavors and contain flavors like Onion and Chicken, Chicken Soto, Beef Meatball and Chicken Curry. All these spicy flavors are quite common in Indonesia and Indofood has been able to successfully capture the essence of these flavors in their instant noodles.


Ireland , Koka Noodles, Pot Noodle

Instant noodles are a staple diet for many and in Ireland, Koka Noodles and Pot Noodles have really made it big. Both Koka and Pot are the most popular instant noodle brands in Ireland. Koka Noodles come in different containers and are manufactured in Singapore by the Tat Hui Foods company. The variety of Koka noodles contains non fried, purple wheat, rice and regular noodles selection. Apart from the different types Koka noodle also features different types of flavors as well.

Pot Noodle is manufactured in Wales and in the early days it was known as the Cup Noodle. Pot Noodle is quite a popular brand in the Ireland due to the vide variety of flavors that they provide to the customers. Some well known flavors of Pot Noodles are Beef and Tomato, Chicken and Mushroom, Sweet and Spicy, Sweet and Sour and Original Curry. All the different types of flavors of Pot noodle comes in different color packaging.



Japan is known to be the origin of the popular instant noodles. An average of 40-45 packs of instant noodles is being eaten by a single Japanese person per year.

Famous brands of instant noodles in Japan are Nissin, Myojo Foods, Suisan and Sanyo. Nissin Cup noodles and other Nissin instant noodles have always been a classic favourite of Japanese people. The most popular product they have is their cup noodles which are very easy to prepare, you only need to pour hot water in the cup. It also offers a wide array of flavours and different tastes such as seafood, beef, chicken, shrimp and a lot more. Other products of Nissin would be top ramen, chow mien, chow noodles, and souper meals. All of which bring different oriental flavours and tastes to people who eat them.

Myojo food company was first established in Japan at around 1950. It has been known to manufacture instant noodles that continue to have great taste. Their main products are noodle soups and dried noodles. Example products they have are Dry Mee poh, Hot pepper, Onion chicken, Dry Char mee, and Chicken tamien.

Another Japanese country known to manufacture great instant noodles is Sanyo Foods. They also offer a wide variety of flavours such as original, beef, chicken, yakisoba, kitsune and other chowmien flavours. They are also known to sell their own version of cup noodles which are filled with add-ons and toppings.

Last but not the least Toyo Suisan has also been a big part of Japan’s instant noodle industry. They have been established in the early 1955s and they specialize in ramen noodles. Their version of instant Japanese cup noodles have become one of the most popular and best selling product in Japan. Their most popular product is the Toyo Suisan Instant Curry Udon which has rich thick noodles, great curry flavour and very tasty soup.


Korea, Shin Ramyun, Ramyeon

The history of noodle dishes in Korea dates back in ancient times. Production of wheat as the main ingredient of todays noodles are not that popular before. Wheat noodles had only become a daily food in Asian countries 1945.

Korean noodles are mainly categorized in three different forms.

1. Hot noodles
2. Cold noodles
3. Instant noodles

These noodles are mostly spicy and of strong flavor which suits the taste preference of Korean people. This is because of the cold climate in Korea.

The use of instant noodles had become a necessity especially on cold months. People often stay at their homes rather than to go outside. There are two popular instant noodles in Korea.

1. Ramyeon which is very similar to the Japanese Ramen noodles, the only difference is that ramyeon is seasoned in Korean culture.

2. Shin Ramyun is a hot and spicy noodle which has been on the market since 1986 and is the highest selling noodle brand in Korea.

Korean noodle differs from South to North, since the North region closed its country. Southern Korean had become more modernized in preferences as compared to the Northern Koreans.


Malaysia Singapore

Instant noodle is one of the most sellable products across the country of Singapore Malaysia. You can see people eating noodles in small stalls and hawkers everywhere.
Maggi is a noodle brand which is widely famous in Singapore. It comes in different flavor and savor to offer. Kari Letup(Curry flavor), Tom Yam (chicken flavor), and Asam Laksa. Fried noodle Maggi Mee Goreng is one of the most popular varieties of Maggi and everybody loves it. There are different brands of noodles which are available in the market nationwide like Mamee, Nissin, Indomie, and Cintan; recognized brands which stand for quality and excellence in food products. It has a variety of engaging flavors which will suit every taste; the classic chicken flavor is still a crowd favorite as well as the beef flavor. This is especially soothing on very cold weather – an old-time favorite of both the young and the old.



In the small island of Mauritus, Apollo noodle is the most popular instant noodle brand. It can be eaten in three different ways including as a main course, a soup or a snack which is easy to prepare and ready in just three minutes.

Apollo noodle can guarantee high quality noodles as it uses only the premium ingredients and with strict attention to procedures and conditions as per the ISO 9001 standards. It also has a shelf life of two years which means it can still be consumed within such period of time. And the noodle style is instant with packages in the form of sachet and box. The well known flavors of Apollo noodle are curry, vegetable, chicken and shrimp, and it is said that it has no trace of egg ingredient in the noodle. And among these four flavors of the Apollo noodle, curry and shrimp seems to be the most favorite flavors.



Instant Maggi Ramen noodles are available in two textures. One is dried usually eaten after soaking with boiling water. The other one is precooked and can be eaten straight or after a little heating .These instant noodles became very popular all over the world. These are available all most every where covering world wide variety of brands having changes in taste to fit the local season.
In Mexico, La Moderna and Herdez noodles are considered as snack grade food. Lime and chili flavor are the most popular flavor in Mexico. Instant maggi Ramen became popular by adding a cup of noodles. Every grocery store and general store is selling Mexican local brands La Moderna and Herdez noodles. The taste and flavor appeals to all age.
Carbohydrates percent is high but to maintain the minimum level of fiber, vegetables should be added.
These are easy to cook .It needs only some minutes for preparation and you enjoy great taste.



Instant noodles are very popular in Nepal. With a wide range of instant noodles, Nepal instant noodles make a perfect ready-to-eat food. There are many brands of instant noodles currently available in Nepal market. Some of the major brands include: Wai Wai, Mayos, Ru-chee, Hurray and Rumpum. Wai Wai is one of the cheapest yet amazing of all. It is a precooked, seasoned, flavored and fried prior to packaging, and can be eaten straight from the packet by mixing the chili powder, onion oil and mixed spices, included in the packet. If desired you can also make a soupy Wai Wai of it by cooking in water for few minutes. It usually comes in two different flavors: vegetarian and chicken. Another best-selling is Mayos noodles. Alike Wai Wai, it can also be eaten either raw or cooked. Both ways, it tastes delicious. Mayos comes in veg, chicken, hot and sour flavors. The flavors available in Ru-Chee are veg, non-veg and Manchurian. Both Hurray and Rumpum can be bought in either veg or non-veg flavors. These instant noodles are affordable and can make a perfect food for satisfying your hunger any time. No wonder, they are all nutritious as well.



The instant noodle industry is undeniably in high demand nowadays. In Netherlands for example, the competition among instant noodle industry is quite high.

Among the most famous instant noodles in The Netherlands are the following.

1. Unox – Handled by the Unilever company. It is said to be the leading brand of instant noodles among Dutches.

2. Saimin – A noodle dish which came from Hawaii. It is said to be a combination of the Filipino pancit, Japanese udon and Chinese mein.

3. Indomie Mi goreng – An instant noodle brand made the Indofood company which is said to be the leading manufacturer of instant noodles in the world.

4. Maggi – Is a noodle brand made by the Nestle company which is very popular among Asian countries.

These four are the most famous instant noodle brand in The Netherlands. Other known instant noodles in The Netherlands are the Thai mama and yum yum noodles and a brand called Good noodles.


There are many instant noodle brands in the market. One fact that comes out explicitly is that in Nigeria, Indomie is the most known brand that offers tasty and flavored noodles that would impress anyone that is looking to take amazing noodles.
Indomie has made a very big impact in the Nigeria culinary market since its introduction in 1988. The instant noodle delicacy has taken a turn for the best since Indomie offers flavors that are liked by most of Nigeria residents.
Indomie has introduced 9 other brands that have offered choice and ultimate satisfaction as far flavors are concerned. These other brands are seen to take the market by storm and have every product feature to make them market leaders that is according to Ezendu Christopher, who is a distributor in Oke-Arin market.
In 2007, Nigeria was ranked as the 13th biggest consumer of instant noodles according to WINA (World Instant Noodle Association. Indomie has taken up most of this market by providing the Nigeria market with choice and multi- flavored noodles.


Instant noodles rose in popularity because of its easy to prepare setup and variety of flavors. In Peru the ramen instant noodle is very popular.

Ramen noodle is a dish which came from Japan and had been adapted on instant noodles. Usually made of wheat and of Chinese style, ramen noodles are often served in a fish or meat based broth. Flavored with miso or soy sauce with toppings of pork, dried seaweeds, green onions, kamaboko, and corn.

In Peru there are two leading instant noodle distributors.

Maruchan Inc. which is a popular American manufacturer of ramen noodles has served the country of Peru for a long time. The company produces about 3.6 billion packs of noodle soup per year.

The second well known instant noodle company in Peru is the Aji-No-Men ramen. The Aji-No-Men ramen brand came up with different flavors including Oriental style, beef, chicken, shrimp and many more.



The Philippines boasts a rich cuisine that has been shaped by a variety of cultures. Spanish, Indian, American – all of these would leave a distinguishing mark (or taste) that makes Filipino cuisine unique and fulfilling. One of the major influences in Philippine cooking would be the Chinese which would explain the Filipinos’ fondness for noodles.

The Lucky Me brand is undoubtedly, the most prominent among the instant noodle brands in the Philippines. It has chicken and beef-flavored “wet” noodles- noodles that resemble Japanese ramen, and the famous “dry” noodles called “Pancit Canton” by the locals (from the Chinese noodle dish “pian i sit”).

Nissin also enjoys a huge following with its flavorful noodles. Their seafood flavored noodles are a favorite of kids and adults allike. Payless has a saltier taste than Nissin and Lucky Me while the two newer contenders in the instant noodle category, QuickChow and Ho-Mi, have a slightly lighter taste that is preferred by those on a low-sodium diet.



Polish Ramen Noodles have been around since the 90′s. College students love to eat this delicious instant meal. Especially, the traditional flavors of Poland barszcz czerwony and zurek.

Poland’s instant noodles offer a variety of flavors. The country had only three available flavors in the early years; they were Kaczkowa lagodna (Mild duck), Kurczakowa lagodna warm chicken Krewetkowa ostra (Spicy shrimp). However, today the ramen noodles brand offers a fine selection of flavors ranging from cheese-and-herb to the polish cuisine barszcz czerwony or zurek.

The instant noodles flavor barszcz czerwony and zurek are traditional cuisine in Poland. Barszcz czerwony or Borscht is a soup. Its main ingredient is red beetroot. There are different variations of how this soup is made. Some basic ingredient are onions, garlic, and other vegetables such as carrots and celery or root parsley. Zurek is also called “sour rye soup” or “barszcz bialy”. The soup ingredients are sour rye bread and meat it could be smoked sausage, bacon or ham.



Rollton is one of the leading fast food producers all over Russia. It gained its own reputation even globally by producing the highest quality instant products, which include different flavored noodles, vermicelli, mashed potatoes, bouillons and instant soups.

The secret ingredient of this market leader brand relies on its devotion to a professional world wide accepted technology and its devotion toward its customer preferences, like adding regional specific flavors that are adjusted to each product.

Rollton currently produces more than 35 products under 90 names, from these 20 are different types of noodles, such as noodles with mushrooms, noodles with chicken taste, noodles with veal taste, noodles with cheese and bacon and noodles with sauce in thermo.

These fast food instants are the best choice of cooking when in a hurry, when you need some extra time spending with family, or spending with relaxing, because due to its professional and highly selected ingredients do not containchemical preservatives.


Saudi Arabia, Indomie

In Saudi Arabia, the most popular instant noodle is Indomie with a 96 percent market share. It is the generic brand name of noodle in the region which is also produced at plants in Dammam and Jeddah.

Indomie is also distributed in different part of the world including Asia, Australia, Africa, United States, New Zealand and European countries. It becomes so popular in some other countries too just like in Nigeria that through import in 1988, Indomie instant noodle is introduced. Indomie Mi Goreng is a popular variantof this instant noodle followed by other variants available. The Indomie common variants includes Spicy or Mi Goreng and MiGoreng Ayam or Chicken. There are also some crunhy variants, Indonesian traditional variants and vegetarian variants. And it also have various variants of cup noodle which is called Indomie cup or Pop Me. Some of its flavors includes Spicy, Special, Special Chicken, Onion Chicken, Special Meatball, Chicken, Chicken Curry and Soto flavor.


South Africa, Maggi

Maggi noodles is a brand of Ramen noodles available in South Africa. Ramen noodles is a dish of instant cooking meal that is packed in attractive hygienic bags ready to eat. Its preparation is fast and simple. These noodles are available in a variety of tasty flavors.

In South Africa, Maggi 2 minute noodles are the most popular quick snack available in many general foods shops. This is because of its good quality made of milder flavors and their low cost making them affordable to both the rich and poor in the community.

The most common taste that comes along with this delicious snack is beef, chicken and cheese flavors. There is also a package made from animal free fats for the vegetarians. They are commonly used by students and office employees.

Preparation of these noodles depend with the consumers taste. Most people use onions accompanied by a variety of green vegetables. Added to maggi noodles, they bring the best and the tastiest meal ever.



The popularity of instant noodles has been growing in Sweden for several years especially for college students looking for fast, cheap meals. A number of brands from Sweden and some from other areas of Europe and Asia are among the national favorites. Higher priced authentic brands are usually found in specialty Asian stores, but Swedes seem to favor the more economic instant noodle varieties.

Nissan’s Demae Ramen noodles are one of the top brands and have been around the world market since 1958. The brand’s chicken instant noodles were one of the first instant food products in the world. Other Demae flavors include sesame, seafood, spicy and yakisoba.

Samyang noodles are also popular in the country, and the Korean manufacturer produces an array of flavors including beef, pork, shrimp and kimchi. The bargain brand Euroshopper noodles are particularly liked by students and come in a variety of meat flavors, as do ICA and Eldorado brand instant noodles.



In Taiwan, the most in demand flavors for instant noodles are minced pork noodle and beef noodle soup. And the country is also one of the largest market for this product since there are 900 packs of instant noodles sold in a year that can means 40 packs per person consumption.

Momofuku Andō is the known inventor of instant noodle and cup noodle. He was born in Taiwan and a Taiwanese-Japanese who had founded the Nissin Food Products Company. He had used Chikin Ramen or Chicken Ramen as the first brand for an instant ramen noodle. And in 1970, the Nissin company had formed a subsidiary in the United States of America to sell instant noodles there. And today, instant noodle that being sold in Japan are usually sold in a foam bowl and sometimes it comes with a plastic utensil. Those foam bowls are portable, very convenient and easy to use since heat is insulated by this material that makes instant noodles an on the go meal.



In Thailand, the brand ‘Mama’ is well known for its delicious and scrumptious Thai instant noodles. Mama has over half of the total market share in the local instant noodle industry.

The most popular and well known instant noodle in Thailand is Mama instant noodles or also known as dindin cup noodles. The most popular and most delicious flavor of Mama cup noodles is the tom yum shrimp. The Tom yum flavor of Mama instant noodles has been inspired from a popular Thailand soup that has the right combination of spice and sourness.

The tom yum flavored Mama noodles is flavored with the rare kaffir lime leaf, handpicked lemongrass, a dash of chili powder and artificial shrimp flavoring. When cooked, there would be drops of hot and spicy chili oil that floats on top of the soup.

Mama instant noodles are relatively easy to prepare. It would only take pouring a cup of hot water over the dry noodles and pour in the seasonings and condiments. Cover the bowl and wait for about 3 minutes before eating. Other than Tom yum flavor, Mama instant noodles have over 30 different varieties of flavors and tastes for people to enjoy. Mama offers flavors such as pork, chicken, oriental style, Pad Thai and many more.



The popularity of instant noodles in Ukraine started on 1996 with the production of noodles by Mivina Corporation. Mivina was a former manufacturer of foods for cosmonauts, until the company came up with the idea of producing instant noodles in 1996.

During the first year of the introduction of Mivina noodles it already gained high popularity among the Ukrainian people. The Mivina noodle brand was very unique compared to other instant noodle brand because it can be eaten as dry or cooked as soup. The noodle brand became more popular and has gained the hearts and trust of the Ukrainian people.

The brand continued to gain recognition and awards. Some of the awards are as follows: Superior Taste award, Golden trademark award, The Golden arrow award, The UNESCO acknowledgement for environmentally friendly manufacturing and many more which is around 140 honors.

The company produces about 1 million noodle packs per month. With its excellent quality and its easy to prepare setup, Mivina has become the symbol for all instant food products in Ukraine.


United Kingdom

Pot Noodle

In the United Kingdom, everybody went Pot Noodle crazy when the brand first launched in the 1970s. Today, there are other brands available from the bigger supermarkets and Asian groceries. However, when you mention, “noodles” in the U.K. everyone immediately thinks of Pot Noodles.

There are approximately 155 million Pot Noodles produced every year. They come in an exciting range of flavors, including Doner Kebab, Sticky Rib, Southern Fried Chicken and Bombay Bad Boy – this one is hot, hot, hot! The range also contains regular flavors such as Beef and Tomato and Chicken and Mushroom. They are super quick to prepare, just rip off the foil lid, remove the flavor sachet and fill the pot with boiling water. You have to wait two minutes for the noodles to soften, then stir in the contents of the sachet and they are ready to eat.

Another brand that is popular is Bachelor’s Super Noodles, which come in a packet rather than a pot. You can find eastern brands in some supermarkets – for example, Nissin Ramen noodles, Koka Noodles and Shin Ramyun noodles. These are sold in packets and take approximately 5 minutes to cook in a pan. The advantage here is that you can add your own vegetables to create a more substantial meal.

United States

Nissin Top Ramen, Maruchan ramen and Sapporo Ichiban are three top brands which are popular in United States .These are offering varieties of flavor. Chicken, beef, shrimp, roast chicken, pork chili, vegetable and many more flavored noodles are available in all most departmental stores and super markets. Some other mouthwatering flavors like shoyu, oriental, kimichi also available there.
Nissin Top Ramen noodles are the most popular among children and students. It is low in cost for which it suits to middle class family.
Sapporo ichiban noodles are little bit different in texture and flavor. These are thick and nutty with excellent flavor. It seems to be the trendiest brand in United States. Japan is the manufacturer of Sapporo Ichiban, but due to high campaign it became so popular that it is now manufactured in United State.
These noodles are very well appreciated in maximum part of the world for its easy recipe and yummy taste.



In asian countries noodles are very popular, especially on Chinese related countries. In Vietnam, Vifon Acecook was the most famous instant noodle manufacturer.

Vifon was a separate instant noodle manufacturer in Vietnam before, then the company had a joint-venture with Acecook which in an instant noodle manufacturer in Japan for 30 years. Together they are dedicated on serving high quality noodles and taste for the people in a reasonable price.


Instant noodles in Vietnam are mostly made of rice and wheat. The following are the most famous instant noodle flavors in Vietnam:

1. Bun bo Hue – Which has the flavor of lemon grass and made of beef and pig pork or knuckles. Bun bo Hue was named after the last empirical capital on Vietnam which is Hue.

2. Pho – A noodle soup which has the flavor of beef and chicken and other seasonings.

3. Hu Tieu Nam Vang – A Phnom Penh style instant noodle which is a rice noodle with pork stock.

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