Welcome to Ramen Mania!

We’ve eaten some creative ramen dishes in our time, some with hot sauce, peanut butter, every vegetable under the sun, even ramen topped with candy bars… but that doesn’t mean we’ve heard it all………. YET! That is our goal, before we manage to graduate from college and impress the wardens of our childhood years, it’d be really nice to have finally seen it all.

That’s where you come in, share your tantalizing (edible) Ramen creations, add a photo to it, be creative! We have Ramen Sporks to give away as Prizes to those that are totally spork-worthy!

Win a Ramen Spork!

Disclaimer: Any and all submissions are subject to the Terms & conditions of the site. We do not sell, share, rent, lend or otherwise use ANY names or addresses shared on the site, they are strictly used to mail out prizes/free stuff.

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