Breakfast Ramen Recipes

Currently our Breakfast Ramen recipe category is a little short of recipes, but here are a few that we really like:

Breakfast Ramen

  1. Breakfast Burrito w/a Kick
  2. Breakfast Ramen
  3. Eggstravaganza Ramen

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Grilled Chicken Ramen Soup

Chicken Ramen Recipes

Here is our collection of various Chicken Ramen Recipes! These all contain chicken or turkey in one form or another, be it grilled, baked, fried, ground etc.

  1. Bowl of Happiness Ramen akak Chipotle Chicken Ramen
  2. Cafe Noodle Salad
  3. Cheesy Chili Ramen
  4. Chicken & Bacon Ramen
  5. Chicken Chili Ramen Noodles
  6. Chicken Diablo Ramen
  7. Chicken Fajita Ramen Noodles
  8. Chicken Hollandaise Ramen
  9. Chicken Noodle Salad Ramen
  10. Chicken Oriental Ramen
  11. Chicken Parmesan Ramen
  12. Chicken Ramen Stroganoff
  13. Chicken, Ramen & Peanut Salad
  14. Chicken Or Tofu Ramen Salad
  15. Chicken & Veggie Ramen
  16. Citrus Ramen Summer Salad
  17. Chicken & Dumpling Ramen
  18. Chicken n Dumplings
  19. Chicken Hollandaise Ramen
  20. Creamy Balsamic chicken Ramen
  21. Creamy Cheesy Chicken Ramen w/ Ham
  22. Creamy Chicken Ramen w/ Mushrooms
  23. Crockpot Beef -n- Ramen Noodles
  24. Doodle Noodle Ramen Patties
  25. E-Z Does it Azian
  26. General Micah’s Chicken
  27. Lo Mein Ramen
  28. Oodles of Noodles
  29. Primavera Ramen
  30. Real Chicken Noodle Soup
  31. Spicy Thai Chicken over Ramen
  32. Super Cheesy Chicken Noodle Ramen
  33. Sweet -n- spicy Lo Mein
  34. Sweet-n-Sour Ramen
  35. Tropical Chicken Ramen

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Beef Ramen Recipes

Ramen Taco Pasta


Beef ramen is one of the most popular flavors of ramen available. We love it too- so here are a few really great recipes that use either beef flavored ramen, or contain beef ( be it ground, grilled, fried, baked, etc).





  1. Beef Tomato Ramen Noodle Skillet
  2. Beef & Veggie Ramen
  3. Cheesy Chili Ramen
  4. Cheesy Ramen Meat Pie
  5. Cheesy Ramen Meat Pie #2
  6. Chili Ramen
  7. Chinese Beef & Pea Pod Ramen
  8. DeCarli’s Ramen Dish
  9. Da Mainland Style Beef Ramen
  10. Doodle Noodle Ramen Patties
  11. E-Z Does it Azian
  12. Faux Pho Ramen
  13. Hamburger Ramen
  14. Taco Ramen
  15. Jail House Ramen Pizza
  16. Kibbee Ramen
  17. Lasagna Ramen
  18. Sloppy Joe Ramen
  19. Spicy Beef Ramen Noodle Soup
  20. Pineapple Meatballs Ramen
  21. Pizza Ramen
  22. Ramen Pizza Dish
  23. Ramsagna
  24. Sloppy Joe Ramen
  25. Spicy Beef Ramen Noodle Soup
  26. Spicy Ramen Pasta
  27. Taco Ramen
  28. Taco Ramen Salad
  29. Teriyaki Chow Mein

Feel free to share your favorite ramen recipes with us as well!

Pepperoni Paradise Pizza Ramen

Pepperoni Pizza Ramen Recipe

Here I am eating a bowl of Ramen and my brother decided to be the good guy and bring home pizza.  Now I am not a wasteful person, and ramen doesn’t store well after it is cooked, AND pizza is just too good to pass up. Hence Pizza Ramen was born. With a few tweaks from the original recipe I give you the new and improved pizza ramen.

Here’s what’s in it:

  • Handful of Pepperoni, quartered
  • 1/2 diced Tomatoes
  • 1 packet beef ramen & the seasoning packet
  • 1/8 tsp italian seasoning
  • dash dried basil


Ok, first to clear things up you can use canned tomatoes or fresh ones it doesn’t matter to me.

Boil your 2 cups of water for your ramen. While you are doing this take your pepperoni and cut it into quarters. (Assuming that your pepperoni is pre-sliced). You don’t have to do this but if you don’t they tend to clump together and while the result is an amazing hunk of warm pepperoni; you don’t have any more in your soup.

As soon as the water starts to boil add your noodles and pepperoni.  Wait about a minute then add your tomatoes., keep cooking. When your three minutes are up and your ramen is finished cooking feel free to add a couple of pepperonis on the top and have at it. Feel free to top it with a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese if you happen to have some on hand and this is really great served with old pizza crusts (or breadsticks). Feel Free

Elixir of Immortality (aka Bacon Ramen)

Elixir of Immortality

Elixir of Immortality

Bacon Ramen, Yes this wonderful thing exists.  Ramen, the source of every college students energy, and Bacon the source of all that is good in the world. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this will make you immortal, But I am sure we have that recipe somewhere else on the site so keep looking.  As the name suggests, this recipe will be extremely difficult to make.

Here are your ingredients:

1/2 cup crushed Bacon (fresh or bits)

1 pack of Ramen

pepper (optional)


This recipe is the opposite of easy. if you don’t follow it to the letter you will likely burn down your whole kitchen.

Boil two cups of water and cook your ramen for three minutes. You can add your bacon at any time that your ramen is cooking.  (Like I said, You might have an aneurism before you even finish READING the recipe.)

One thing to remember about your bacon, the longer it is in the water the less crunchy it is. So if you want your bacon to have that delicious baconony crunch, don’t add it until the end.


Of course if you want your Ramen to look pretty because you have a hot date coming over or something. (Keep her by the way , especially if she love bacon, you can’t go wrong).  Add a full strip or 2 on the top.  whala… .  Bacon ramen, the closest thing we have on this planet to an elixir of immortality.

Super Cheesy Chicken Noodle Ramen

Super Cheesy Chicken Ramen Recipe

Super Cheesy Chicken Flavored Noodle Ramen

This one was a favorite of mine as a child. Its cheesier then Kraft Mac & Cheese ™ with a fraction of the fat calories.And now as an Adult with a good amount of adult beverages in me… this is my number #2(no pun intended)Zero ingredient drunk food recipe. Great when all you have on hand is condiments in the fridge .And you have to eat some thing to soak up all that booze you drank right?..which is where your money went and also why you only have…never mind rant continue on please! Anyways here’s what you’re going to need:

* optional you can add chopped lunch meat or hot dogs to this for some protein*



Necessary Ingredients:

Ingredients needed

Gather your ingredients

1 Pot
1 Bowl
1 Colander
4 Slices American cheese
2 Chicken flavored nissin™ Top Ramen ( only use 1 chicken flavoring)
1 Tbs Butter
2 Tbs Milk or Half & Half…okay if you don’t have either Water is fine.
1 pair chopstix

Here’s what to do:

Cook noodles in boiling water till done I pull them out early cause gooey noodles Eww! 2 min
Drain noodles and set aside.
Add butter and milk to pan stir till blended.
Add chicken stock packet…i use about half of 1 packet stir. To taste.
Add cheese and remove pan from heat. Stir till cheese is 50% melted.
Hurry! Dont Burn! Add noodles back to pan and stir like crazy drunken person!

Ps if u haven’t already add your meat…and turn off the heat.

Serve in your bowl.
Eat,Enjoy, and at least soak that pan before bed!

Photos and Recipe Created by:   Ryan Van Slayke

7 Layer Ramen Salad

7 Layer ramen salad is exactly as it sounds, layer upon layer upon layer of delicious ingredients- corn, peas, bacon, chopped hardboiled egg and peppers for a twist to a old time favorite.


You will need:
- 1 package of ramen noodles
- 2 cups of water
- 1/2 cup of green peas
- 1/2 cup of sweet corn
- 1/2 cup of cooked bacon
- 1 hardboiled egg, chopped
- Mayonnaise (to taste)
- Lettuce
- 3 T. chopped green pepper


1. Cook the ramen noodles according to package, but don’t add the seasoning.

2. Drain and rinse with cold water.

3. Add the peas, corn, bacon and mayonnaise, mixing it all together.

4. Pour the mixture onto a bed of fresh chopped lettuce, add green pepper and chopped hard boiled egg.

5. Mix again.

6. Eat right away or let it set in the fridge, either way its awesome.


Note: Save the seasoning packet for another recipe or a mug of hot broth.

Source – This recipe adapted from the following Recipe: 7 Layer Ramen Salad

Bowl of Happiness

Chipotle Chicken Ramen          The Bowl of happiness ramen is my favorite recipe for ramen. It is one of those things that you eat when you think that you will never feel anything again. With the first bite, you feel like you will burn from the inside out. Then as you continue to eat, and you get used to it you finally get that warm happy feeling that you have been missing. To get this warm happy feeling that you have been longing for, you will need the following ingredients:

1 pack of ramen

1/4 -1/2 tsp ground Cayenne pepper (This is where the happiness comes from.)

1/4 tsp Chili powder

1/4tsp lemon pepper

1/4  tsp Chipotle Chile powder

1/2 a cup chopped pork/chicken (if you’re not picky use both)

3 or 4 banana pepper slices.

Crushed red pepper (sprinkle as wanted)

Ok so you boil 2 cups of water and add your noodles meat and your different peppers. Hold off on the crushed red peppers and the banana peppers. You will add those last because one it looks better, and two… because I said so. Let your noodles cook for three minutes stirring occasionally. When the three minutes are up; stir in your pack of seasoning that you got with your ramen.  Pour your steaming pot of ramen into an appropriate bowl and add the last of your ingredients. Mainly your banana peppers and your crushed red peppers.  You choose how you want to introduce these into your bowl of happiness. I usually sprinkle the red peppers lightly over my bowl until they are all over.  Now your ramen is done all you have to do now is eat it. I recommend having a glass of water ready and maybe a paper towel to hide your tears of happiness. Enjoy!

Bacon & Egg Ramen Burrito

* 1 pkg Pork Ramen
* Bacon
* 1 Egg
* Hot Sauce
* Flour Tortilla

Boil 2 cups of water & Cook ramen for 3 minutes. While ramen is cooking, in a skillet over med heat, scramble eggs, add hot sauce and pieces of cooked bacon. Drain the Ramen. Put the well drained noodles on a flour tortilla, top with egg/bacon mix. You can add cheese if you want or extra hot sauce. Wrap, return to hot skillet for 30 seconds to melt cheese & heat the burrito.


Sausage Egg Burrito

* 1 pkg Pork Ramen
* Sausage
* 1 Egg
* Hot Sauce
* Flour Tortilla

Boil 2 cups of water & Cook ramen for 3 minutes. While ramen is cooking, in a skillet over medium heat, scramble eggs with hot sauce and sausage. Drain the Ramen. Put the well drained noodles on a flour tortilla, top with egg/sausage mix. You can add cheese if you want or extra hot sauce. Wrap, return to hot skillet for 30 seconds to melt cheese & heat the burrito.

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