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- We know you love ramen as much as we do! We also know that you prefer to view your ramen recipes in various categories (because you told us so!)

With that in mind- Here are our recipe categories:

Ramen Taco Pasta

Beef Ramen Recipes

Our collection of Beef Ramen recipes utilize either the beef flavored noodles or actually contain beef in one form or another, be it sliced, ground, etc.

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We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we thought we’d take this a step further and share our favorite Ramen Breakfast recipes!

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Grilled Chicken Ramen Soup

Chicken/Turkey Ramen Recipes

Our collection of Chicken/Turkey Ramen recipes utilize either the chicken flavored noodles or actually contain chicken or turkey in one form or another, be it sliced, ground, grilled etc.

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College Ramen Recipes

College Ramen

If you’re a student (or went to college) you know that finding cheap eats that can be cooked in very creative ways is a requirement. I’ve cooked plenty of grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron in my day! Here is our creative collection of College ramen recipes for those surviving in dorms (or with annoying roommates from hell!)

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fried ice cream ramen
Fried Ice Cream Ramen

Dessert Ramen

You might not have though ramen would make a good dessert, but you obviously haven’t indulged in Fried Ice cream ramen! These delicious desserts bring a whole new level to the game

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Ramen Pad Thai

Ethnic Ramen Recipes

Ramen noodles originated in Japan but are definitely not limited to the far east! Here is our cultural collection of delicious ramen recipes from around the world. We don’t want to leave Anyone out, so if you have a yummy ramen recipe, please feel free to submit it!

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Pork Ramen Recipe

Ham/Pork Ramen Recipes

Our collection of Ham/Pork Ramen recipes utilize either the Ham/Pork flavored noodles or actually contain ham or pork in one form or another, be it sliced, ground, grilled,bbq etc.

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Helathy Ramen & Veggies

Healthy Ramen

In an effort to get with the health/fitness craze we’ve added a collection of healthier choice ramen recipes, for those watching their figures as well as their wallets.

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Healthier Choice Ramen Recipes

Ramen Salads

It might seem hard to believe but Ramen Noodles make great salads! Enough so that it needed it’s very own category!

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Seafood Ramen

Seafood- Fish Ramen

Ramen noodles aren’t limited to pork, chicken or beef, there are also shrimp flavored that make lovely seafood and fish dishes.

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Everybody loves a good snack, you probably didn’t know that you can make Ramen trail mix … or bunches of other dirt cheap ramen snacks

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Veggie Ramen Recipes

Vegetarian Ramen Recipes

Not much of a meat eater? No worries, we have a nice selection of Yummy ramen recipes for our vegetarian friends too!

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Weird & Wacky Ramen

Sometimes things just need their very own category. We’ve received some pretty odd recipes, including chocolate covered ramen, Pickled ramen and more. Check out these weird and wacky ramen recipes

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