Ramen Nutrition Facts

Ramen Nutrition Facts

Who doesn’t like Noodles? In particular just thinking of Ramen noodles our stomach starts craving for food. Ramen is a very famous Japanese dish which comes with boiled noodles and basically served with flavored soup along with other ingredients based on various recipes. But of course you already knew that don’t you? The good news is not all tasty foods come with high calories. In fact the nutrition facts about Ramen are another reason to love eating their products.
There weren’t a lot of convenient boxed food when I grew up but one thing which was there and I absolutely loved was Ramen noodles. The healthy Ramen – the way my mom used to call it.

The Ramen nutritional facts, as you can learn from the packing of Ramen noodles, is that – it contains 18% of fat, 82% of sodium, 18% of carbohydrate, 4% of fiber, 2% of Calcium and 12% of Iron.


So now when my kids (they themselves make it) make a Ramen noodles I know they are making only what they got to eat. They make it with a cup of boiling water, chicken, mushrooms, soya sauce, and onion and garlic powder and in them as trusted as ever the Ramen noodles. And the aroma of the noodles is as mouth watering, as it used to be in good old days. Now don’t the above ingredients give the child all the nutrients required for his/her body? I definitely think so. The addition of chicken, beef and vegetables adds to the nutrition content and make the tasty Ramen a healthier Ramen.

They are fast, easy, delicious and yes healthy. Now each serving has 4.5 grams of fat and less than 2.5 grams of saturated fat and 2.5 grams of fiber, lots of lutein, vitamin A and other nutrients. Now if we finish making the dish with some olive oil and vinegar then we have added some more fiber, vitamins and minerals to the dish.
One thing to learn from the above nutritional facts about Ramen is that it comes with a lot of sodium. But most American recipes nowadays come with more salt in it. The good news is that it tastes great, but on the other hand it contributes to a lot of Sodium in our body. But most of the salt comes from the soup used to cook Ramen noodles. So it really depends upon the recipe you choose. As Ramen tastes great with almost all vegetables, chicken and beef it really safe to say that it is a healthy Ramen food that you are taking. Also now available in Supermarkets are a product called Smart choice Ramen and if you are so worried about the sodium intake this might be just the solution. It comes with a very low salt (or in other words sodium) content.
Other than that, one can say Ramen is a complete nutritional dish providing your body with all the nutrients and minerals required for its well being. The variety of recipes such as Ramen Shrimp salad (a delicious shrimp and salad combination), Summer salad (a very light meal for summer), Chicken salad (a perfect combination of bacon, chicken and Caesar salad) and Sea food( the perfect mix of sea food and Ramen noodles) are my personal favorites. They combine the healthy Ramen values and tasty array of the ingredients added to it making it a complete meal. The calories in Ramen are so low that once you eat them your stomach is full and yet you don’t put on those extra pounds.
Some thing to remember when you cook Ramen next time is – adding more vegetables and lean meats increases the size of the servings and reduces bad fats and if you want to reduce the sodium then reduce the amount of flavoring powder used and use more of onion, pepper and garlic flavors. As such Ramen comes with lot of essential nutrients, vitamins and low calories. But if you want to make it more healthier then it entirely depends on the recipe you choose.
Ramen noodles are very easy to make (takes about three minutes) and are cheap and tasty and the ramen calories are very low. And if you add the right kind of ingredients it can provide you a complete meal with all the essential nutrients and offer you a healthy Ramen diet.

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