The Rapid Ramen Noodle Bowl

Okay, so I have a tendency to be a gadget kind of guy, seriously though, name a man that hates gadgets! Here’s a cool one that sparked my interest a couple weeks ago:

It’s a Rapid Ramen Noodle Bowl¬† and it reportedly cooks ramen in half the time. Not to be an arse or anything, but ramen in half the time… sounds perfect to me!

Rapid Ramen Noodle Bowl

How it works:

You fill it to the fill line with water, pop into the microwave for 4 minutes, take it out, add your noodles wait a couple minutes, dump in your seasonings and there ya have it, instant ramen in half the time.

The Specs:

  • Reusable and easy to use. Rinses out easy and is dishwasher safe.
  • Heat and eat right out the cooker. Cooks perfect ramen noodles in half the time.
  • Patented reservoir design that provides perfect heat distribution.
  • Only need to use half the seasoning. Easy to remove from the microwave.

My Only beef with the description of the product is that it states it takes 12 minutes to make ramen, last I checked from start to finish it only takes 5-6 minutes and that’s if you stop to take a photo of what you’re about to eat, so maybe I’m doing it all wrong?

What do you think?

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