Vegetarian Ramen Recipes

Although ramen recipes typically contain a meat flavor base such as pork, chicken, beef, or shrimp- the flavor packets can be discarded and simple vegetarian recipes can be applied. Here are some great vegetarian recipes that we’ve found over the years:


Vegetarian Ramen

  1. Alfredo Ramen & Veggies
  2. Chinese Style Ramen
  3. Chinese Style Ramen w/ Veggies
  4. Creamy Corn Ramen
  5. Creamy Veggies & Ramen
  6. Dandelion Ramen Dish
  7. Easy Pad Thai
  8. Grilled Terriyaki Ramen
  9. Grinchy Green Ramen
  10. Healthy Ramen Noodle Salad
  11. Italian Ramen Pizza Pie
  12. Kicked Up Sketti-O’s 
  13. Lo Mein Ramen
  14. Mac n’ Cheese Ramen
  15. Oriental Cheese Sauce Noodles
  16. Parmesan Ramen
  17. Ramen Alfredo
  18. Ramen Noodle Alfredo
  19. Ramen Noodle Broccoli Slaw
  20. South of the Border Ramen
  21. Spaghetti Marinara Ramen
  22. Spaghetti & Spinach Ramen Frittata
  23. Speedy G’s Mexican Sketti
  24. Spring Ramen Salad
  25. Spicy Thai Peanut Ramen
  26. Stir Fry Ramen Noodles
  27. Summer Ramen Salad
  28. Taco Ramen Salad
  29. Tangy Lemon & Lime Ramen
  30. Thai This Ramen Curry Soup
  31. Thai Veggie Ramen Stir-fry
  32. Tomato Ramen Soup
  33. Veggie Ramen
  34. vegetable Ramen Soup
  35. Zucchini Ramen Salad
  36. 3- Bean Ramen Salad
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